Bangkok Metropolitan Area: Delivery period: within 30 to 60 days after receiving full payment. The product will be delivered in front of your home and the package will be opened by the delivery man for you to check. In case, there is a problem with the product (broken part) please take a picture, reject the product and write in the invoice the reason why, we will then exchange the product for you. The driver is not under obligation to carry the goods into your home, in case he accepts to do it, we will not be responsible for any damage made accidentally in your home or on your product.

Outside Bangkok Area: Your product will be shipped via the logistic company. We will inform you of the approximate delivery time within the next working day after we receive your payment.


Purchase Value (Baht) Delivery Surcharge 
Bangkok Metropolitan Area Outside Bangkok Area
Below 25,000 baht 1,500 baht 1,500 baht delivery fee to plus delivery fee from logistic company to delivery destination.
25,000 baht or above FREE Free delivery plus delivery fee from logistic company to delivery destination.